Interim and Fractional Executives

CFOs, Controllers, and other finance executives ready to serve your organization as early as tomorrow. 

CFO Services

At any stage of a business, the addition of a seasoned, strategic financial perspective will take the organization to the next level of value creation. Today’s CFO is expected to be more than a glorified number cruncher, they need to be a strategist and partner to the CEO.

Your business may be in a position where it cannot survive without a leader in finance and you are considering an interim CFO. Maybe you have reached the stage where it’s time to bring on a part-time CFO to accelerate growth. In any case, MAP partners have been there and we’re here to help.  

Controller Services

Controllers are the masters of the accounting function. A good controller is a reliable teammate to a CFO. A controller’s duty is to ensure that accounting procedures are on-time, accurate, and in compliance. When all of the above are handled, financial reporting becomes more of a breeze and the CFO can focus attention on other areas. 

If your organization is not yet ready for a full-time CFO, you may consider a more cost-effective solution of hiring a part-time Controller to manage your bookkeeping and financial reporting. 

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FP&A Services

Bringing on a head of FP&A can accomplish a lot for your organization before you decide to move forward with building out an entire department. Consider hiring an FP&A leader to support your CFO with budgeting, modeling, and decision support. 

Our FP&A leaders are experienced in working with complex organizations. We can help you streamline your reporting and budgeting systems to create a budgeting and forecasting process that takes less time and effort. 

Treasury Services

As your organization grows, it is important to have a Treasury leader to support your day-to-day cash management. Our experienced Treasury leaders will help you manage short and long-term cash and working capital requirements. 

Treasury will also oversee your risk management strategy and reporting, ensuring you meet all regulatory requirements. 

Other Finance Services

Depending on the size of your organization, you may only need one or more of the below professionals to support your current operations.

  • Bookeeping
  • Tax accounting
  • Internal Audit
  • Investor Relations
  • Analyst
  • and more


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