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What is a CFO Coach?

A CFO Coach is an experienced CFO that acts as an outside advisor to a company's CFO. Many times the coached CFO is new to the role, industry, company size, or more.

A CFO Coach can be as hands on as the company needs. It is not uncommon for the coach to participate in strategy development, providing insight from past experience.

Do I need a CFO Coach?

A CFO Coach provides a tremendous amount of support and insight for minimal cost. You don't have to be a brand new CFO to benefit from coaching support. Many times we coach CFOs who would like a fresh perspective from an experienced industry CFO. The capacity at which you engage a CFO Coach is very flexible to your companies needs.

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We are group of CFOs working with clients throughout the United States. For over 20 years we have supported thousands of companies with every component of their finance organization. We can guarantee to match you with a coach that is best suited for your company size, industry, culture, and more. Click below to book a time on our calendar and we'd be happy to lend advice to your unique circumstance.

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