The Financial Leadership Network

Get yourself or your leaders involved with the local finance community, building meaningful and influential relationships.

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About the Network

To support our vision for helping professionals become better leaders, McCracken created the Financial Leadership Network (FLN). Part of being a good leader means having the right influence in the marketplace to accomplish the task at hand. The FLN is a peer network of executives in finance, including CFOs, VPs of Finance, Controllers, Treasurers, and other manager level talent that supports the corporate finance function. The FLN is a forum where executives can build relationships with notable players in their local market, as well as exchange best practices and participate in business content sessions.

Is the FLN right for me and my team?

The FLN connects universities to the local business community, creating opportunities for companies to support academia through taking on interns or participating as a guest lecturer. In addition, FLN sessions are topically relevant, keeping you up to date with the latest trends in finance and business.

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Network format.

The FLN is a network that meets routinely throughout the year both virtually and in-person in a given market. Each meeting has an expert presenter, discussing a relevant topic in the world of finance and business. At each meeting we work to facilitate introductions between members, getting you well acquainted with local finance leaders in your market.

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