The CFO Leadership Program

Advance your knowledge within the office of the CFO and grow as a business leader.

What Is The CFO Leadership Program?

The CFO Leadership Program (CFO LP) is designed for CFOs seeking to expand their understanding of latest trends, next generation CFOs who can benefit from learning the key areas of responsibility of the office of the CFO, and other finance leaders who understand that they will be more effective in their current and future roles if they learn and maintain a broader understanding of the office of the CFO.

The Program includes a nine-month leadership development regimen inclusive of a two-day in-person immersion covering the 10 Pillars of Finance™ framework, development of technical and behavioral Individual Leadership Development Plans (ILDPs), nine months of coaching by a leading CFO and behavioral specialist, and multi-Dimensional Leader behavioral assessments of self-awareness and team effectiveness. Participants will then attend a virtual graduation where they are presented with a Certificate of Completion from the McCracken Institute (NASBA certified).

Do I Need The CFO Leadership Program?

The CFO LP was designed for finance professionals looking to expand their knowledge within the office of the CFO and enhance their leadership skills.

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For CFOs, the CFO LP is a transformative opportunity to expand and solidify your knowledge of the office of the CFO. By engaging in this program, you will gain access to innovative strategies for managing complex teams and financial resources, deepen your understanding of the evolving CFO role, and develop the skills needed to drive value for any organization. The program is designed to support CFOs as they tackle the toughest challenges facing modern finance leaders and lead their organizations with confidence and agility.

Next-Generation CFOs

For upcoming CFOs, the CFO LP accelerates your journey toward becoming successful as a new CFO. You will gain a deeper understanding of the skills and competencies required of a CFO from a technical and behavioral perspective. Participants will also benefit from networking opportunities with other high-potential finance professionals and guidance from experienced CFOs who have successfully navigated the path to CFO.

Finance Leaders

For any finance leaders, the program provides a unique opportunity to learn from and collaborate with CFOs and other finance executives. You will expand your knowledge of the CFO role and enhance leadership skills, becoming better equipped to communicate effectively with CFOs, navigate complex financial challenges, and advance within your organization. The program also provides an opportunity for participants to build relationships with peers and learn from other experienced finance leaders, creating a stronger network of influence.

Benefits of The CFO Leadership Program

The role of the CFO is rapidly evolving and has never been more integral to the company's future direction. By participating in this program, you will gain more knowledge, skills, and insights needed to be successful as a finance leader. Whether you are an experienced CFO looking to stay ahead of the curve or an upcoming finance leader preparing to take on this crucial role, this program can help you achieve your professional goals and drive long-term organizational success.

Broaden Knowledge

The CFO LP is underpinned by the 10 Pillars of Finance, a framework designed to highlight the critical areas of responsibility in the office of the CFO. A diverse group of successful CFOs created the pillars, all with backgrounds from a wide array of company industries and sizes. The program provides insights into the latest trends and technologies guiding the future of the CFO role. The program helps participants chart a course for honing skills and acquiring new competencies to manage the complex role better.

Enhance Leadership Skills

Leadership is a skill that can be honed just like any other skill. As a CFO, you manage complex teams and communicate with stakeholders while managing the company's financial performance. Excellent leadership skills are required to be successful as a CFO today, as communication and relationship management support everything you do as CFO. There are many leadership styles, but there are common threads among them that every leader can benefit from training. The CFO LP will help you identify your leadership style and train your ability to lead effectively.

Expanded Network

Relationships are an essential part of career growth and professional development, providing valuable insights, advice, and support from others who have faced similar challenges. By connecting with other finance leaders and industry experts, participants gain insights into strategies and best practices that have been successful in other organizations. These newfound insights will allow you to drive success within your own organization and discover new and innovative opportunities.

Fresh Perspective

The role of the CFO gives you an opportunity to drive positive change within your organization and create value for stakeholders. A CFO has power to greatly influence the lives of those in their organization, providing an environment where their team members can flourish and have a cascading, positive effect on their customers and the world around them. As the CFO, you are one of the primary stewards of company culture. Your decisions and behavior as a leader impact the job-satisfaction of your team members, the lives of your customers, and your ability to create a work-life balance for yourself.

McCracken is registered with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) as a sponsor of continuing professional education on the National Registry of CPE Sponsors. State boards of accountancy have final authority on the acceptance of individual courses for CPE credit. Complaints regarding registered sponsors may be submitted to the National Registry of CPE Sponsors through its website:

Frequently Asked Questions

What topics are covered in the CFO Leadership Program?

Part of the program will cover the 10 Pillars of Finance framework in detail, exploring the primary areas of responsibility inherent in the office of the CFO and the modern ways a CFO operates within each pillar. The program will also help professionals identify their leadership style, gain self-insight tools, and create a development path to become a more effective leader. Participants will perform a gap analysis on their technical competencies, honing current skills and identifying new ones for broader capabilities. Finally, through a CFO coach specifically matched to the individual, each participant will cover relevant topics where an increased understanding will benefit them the most.

How many people can participate in the CFO Leadership Program?

The CFO LP is designed for individuals, but there are components of the CFO LP that incorporate broader parts of your team should you want to provide development to more than just yourself or want individual on your team. For questions on how our programs will best fit your company, please contact us by completing the form on this page below.

What is the format of the CFO Leadership Program?

The CFO Leadership Program is a 9-month leadership development regimen inclusive of a two-day in-person immersion covering the 10 Pillars of Finance Framework that encompasses the Office of the CFO, development of technical and behavioral Individual Leadership Development Plans (ILDPs), nine months of coaching by a leading CFO and behavioral specialist, Multi-Dimensional Leader behavioral assessment on self-awareness and team effectiveness, and a virtual graduation and presentation of a Certificate of Completion from the McCracken Institute (NASBA certified).

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