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Whether your business is having financial troubles or undergoing transition, such as a merger or acquisition, McCracken can provide the right fractional CFO for you.

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When can a fractional CFO add value to your business?

Fractional CFOs, also known as part-time CFOs, are a great option when you need an executive-level finance professional but don't have the need for a full-time CFO.

You are the only person looking at the numbers, gauging the performance of the company on your own.
Your company is rapidly scaling, and your accounting function is struggling to provide timely financial reporting.
You are told by your banker, auditor, or another advisor that your company has a finance problem of sorts, but you don’t know how to begin tackling the issue, let alone identify its source.

Without an expert, it's easy to feel lost when faced with new and growing financial challenges. Bringing on a fractional CFO can illuminate the path forward and transform the baptism by fire into informed and strategic leadership.

Hire a Fractional CFO near me

A fractional CFO could help you and your business:

If any of this applies to you, then a fractional CFO could help you and your business:

They could be an extra pair of eyes poring over your books, establishing and monitoring metrics, and identifying opportunities for improvements.
They can efficiently oversee the lion’s share of your company’s financial tasks, ensuring that your company’s books are balanced and that you are fully compliant.
They will rely on their decades of expertise to help your company uncover skeletons in the closet you might not be aware of. You don’t know what you don’t know, but our fractional CFOs have been there before.
McCracken provided a high-quality solution on short order. If ever I had a question, Mike was always a phone call away, patiently guiding us through the process. When I’m in need of reliable finance talent in the future, I will call these guys.
Michael Eitler
EVP & GM Eastern Division Residential Design Services

Example of tasks for which we have brought on a fractional CFO

Fractional CFOs are an investment, one that usually pays for itself several times over. Here are a few real-life examples we were involved in:

Handling a
Financial Crisis

A company was facing a financial crisis as it had failed to pay payroll taxes, and the IRS was coming down on them.

The fractional CFO got to work, poring over three years worth of disorganized financials. In the end, the fractional CFO reduced the company’s tax liability, the company paid what was owed, and they have remained compliant ever since.

Getting the Most Value Out of a Sale

A company was preparing for a sale process and needed an experienced fractional CFO to ferry them through to the other side.

Because of the involvement of a CFO with deep M&A experience, the company was able to secure a significantly higher sale price in the transaction.

Dealing with Accounting Problems

A company was struggling to get accurate financial information from its accounting function and needed counsel from an experienced industry professional.

A McCracken CFO partner engaged with the company on a fractional basis, the company got their finance department back on track, and management regained clarity regarding the company’s financials. Additionally, the company was able to identify underutilized tax breaks, saving them $800k.

I've been sending referrals to McCracken for many years, and continue to recommend their capabilities...Whether the need is a highly experienced interim or permanent CFO or controller, leadership development services, or an IT transformation, they have always been able to provide immediate high-quality results.
Don Bravaldo
President Bravaldo Capital Advisors

Who are we?

McCracken is a boutique CFO advisory firm with partners across the country, here to help you maximize value for your organization. Our CFO partners are all proven leaders in the office of the CFO, with years of experience supporting a wide array of industries and company sizes.

Why rely on McCracken for your fractional CFO services?

1. We train finance leaders at all ranks

We provide leadership development programs where we train and educate finance professionals and teams on how best to lead in the office of the CFO. So far, we have been fortunate enough to serve more than 1,000 businesses in over 40 US cities.

We developed the curriculum for our development programs alongside CFOs, leadership specialists, and subject matter experts in conjunction with notable universities and institutions, including Georgia State University, Rollins College, and Northwestern University. McCracken is registered with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) as a sponsor of continuing professional education on the National Registry of CPE Sponsors.

2. We have been doing this for decades

Mike, the founder and CEO of McCracken, is a former partner with EY, where he ultimately reported directly to the CEO and Chairman. Afterward, he founded Tatum, which became the first national and largest professional CFO firm with 37 practice offices throughout the country.

After selling Tatum, Mike leveraged his close relationships with talented CFOs and other leaders in business and founded McCracken.

No matter how turbulent your financial situation may be, we have ferried companies through the same challenges to safety.

3. Our network of CFOs is extensive and reliable

If you call us today with an urgent matter and you need a fractional CFO, one of our CFOs can be on a plane, headed to your offices tomorrow. Before the week is over, we will be helping you put your financial house back in order.

Partners in Our Network

Doug Hooper

With over 20 years of experience, Doug has served as CFO for a variety companies including Afaxys, Dixie Diamond Mfg Co, and Summit Systems Inc. During his role as CFO, Doug's accomplishments inclyde:

  • Delivering many millions of dollars in cost savings through acquisition integration and restructuring.
  • Turning around a company to profitability, leading to its divestiture.
  • Leading several start-ups, including a business unit that generated $40M+ in its first year.

Through his career, Doug has been exposed to various industries, including telecommunications, plastic and metal products, medical equipment, pharmaceutical products, manufacturing, audio, video, construction, cabling, education, e-learning SaaS and software development.

Ed Schultz

Harvard MBA and Fortune 100 experience, Ed has supported both large multinational companies as well as mid-sized and small companies with private ownership:

  • Led as interim CFO of a $1B Private Equity firm, closing on $100mm worth of acquisitions.
  • Led a $320mm debt refinancing for a multinational manufacturing company.
  • Starting from 2010, Mark led the company through seven acquisitions with total revenues of $235 million.
  • Mark refinanced the business twice, ensuring liquidity.
  • He was also critical in selling the company in 2015 to a private equity firm.

Before Zep, Mark worked at The Quaker Oats Company and Deloitte.

Beatty D'Alessandro

As the former CFO of Merchants Metals, Graybar, and NYSE-traded Univar, Beatty has had an illustrious career as a financial professional, making him a trusted resource for private equity firms:

  • At Graybar, Beatty led the largest SAP implementation in private company history.
  • At Univar, Beatty led the company through a complex IPO process, positioning the company to raise approximately $750 mm in a primary stock offering. He also directed the renewal and expansion of a $3 bn term loan facility and launched working capital improvement initiatives generating over $250 mm.
  • He led several start-ups, including a business unit that generated $40M+ in its first year.

Today, Beatty is the current executive in residence at Georgia State University’s Graduate Finance Program, satisfying his passion for supporting up-and-coming finance talent.

I've worked with Mike several times to identify quality finance talent. Working with McCracken has been a pleasure and I highly recommend them to others looking for any kind of support in their finance function.
Cindi Filer
CEO Innovative Outsourcing

The Process

1. We begin with a free consultation

We start with a simple, consultative call to understand your business landscape:

Your company history
Your main challenges
Your finance department structure (Whom have you hired so far? What gaps do you have?)

Based on this call, we offer you our recommendation, be it to bring on a fractional CFO, a controller, or another option. Our focus is on building relationships by delivering value, so if the optimal solution doesn't require our involvement, we'll tell you upfront.

2. We send you a list of handpicked CFO partners

If we feel that a fractional CFO is the best option to solve your problems, we will present you with a list of partner profiles who we believe match your needs. We handpick these CFOs from our firm based on their experience, prioritizing the following:

Company size
Similar experience (e.g. M&As, raising funds, etc…)
3. We introduce you to our partners

Once you identify the CFOs you’d like to speak with, we set up calls where you and our firm dive deeper into your business’s issues, allowing you to see what a potential engagement would look like.

Ideally, by the time this call is over,  you should have two things:

an idea of how we can add value to your business
a preliminary game plan on how we will get started
4. We stay with you every step of the way

Assuming that you decide to move forward with a fractional CFO, all of McCracken stays by your side throughout the entire engagement. We are always a phone call away, ready to offer additional support or counsel for any questions you have.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I ask a CFO to do something when I don't know what needs to be done?

You don't know what you don't know, which makes it difficult to ask for help in areas where you are not sure what the improvements are or if they're even needed. We will commonly perform an assessment of your organization's finance function at the start of any engagement. It is the CFO's job to inform the CEO about both what is needed from a finance perspective as well as where finance can contribute additional value to the overall vision of the company.

How many hours does a Fractional CFO work?

Fractional CFOs work a flexible number of hours based on the changing needs of the business they serve. This could be a few hours a month up to 10 or 20 hours a week.

What if I don't know how often I need the Fractional CFO?

Fractional CFOs are used to working flexibly and on-demand. This means that you may need them close to full-time for a few weeks before converting to a low number of hours for ongoing guidance. Your business may not need the full-time support of a CFO, but having fractional guidance to support your controller and advise your CEO can be an invaluable asset in creating company strategy.

When does a startup need a fractional CFO?

A startup can benefit from the council of a seasoned industry CFO from day one, but realistically the startup won't have demands on their finance and accounting function that warrant the involvement of a CFO until they've raised seed capital. Preparing for future rounds of funding is just one of the many areas that a fractional CFO can add value to a startup.

What to look for in a fractional CFO?

A fortune 500 CFO may not make the best fit in a startup environment. Similarly, a fractional CFO with a background in telecommunications is unlikely to have the expertise needed in a healthcare organization. A CPA can be a great credential to find in a CFO, but not every company will need a CFO with a heavy background in accounting. Circumstances vary for each company depending on the stage and needs of the organization.

What should a fractional CFO do at a company?

A fractional CFO's involvement depends greatly on the stage and needs of the organization. In smaller companies, the fractional CFO may personally take on a broad set of responsibilities, including managing the books, negotiating contracts, and more. In a larger company, the fractional CFO may oversee and guide the controller who manages the accounting function as well as other leaders in the finance function.