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Key Performance Indicators of the Office of the CFO Survey

Learn the critical areas of responsibility of the office of the CFO and how to improve upon them.


About this eBook

Developed by CFOs from a variety of industries and company sizes
Focused on the CFO's role in creating value
Discusses the role of the CFO as a strategic partner
Questions to help you evaluate the performance of your office of the CFO
Recommendations on how to improve performance
A fractional CFO can work remotely as well as locally with benefits for each.

Get a Handle on the Performance of Your Office of the CFO

The KPIs of the Office of the CFO Survey was designed to help managers and stakeholders understand areas of success and needed improvement within their finance function.

The CFO's role is broad and complex. This eBook was designed by CFOs from a variety of company sizes and industries to cover many of the common, key responsibilities of the CFO in any organization. For growing organizations, this resource can highlight anticipated future functions of the CFO within the company, opening the door to innovation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What can I do with this survey?

When you complete the survey, we can debrief with you and benchmark your results against companies of similar size and industry. We can help you establish a roadmap toward capitalizing on finance's current strengths and improving upon weaknesses.

Is the eBook applicable to all companies?

Most questions in this survey will have direct implications for companies of all sizes and industries. There are many core functions of the CFO's role regardless of company industry or size, but there are additional responsibilities the CFO may oversee in one company and not others. These differences do not always pertain to variability in company demographics, instead, it may be a product of how the company prefers to organize reporting lines and divide work streams. For example, in one organization, IT may report through the office of the CFO; this is not necessarily to due to the nature of the organization.

How will this eBook help me as a CFO?

This eBook will give you additional perspective on the breadth of the role of the CFO, highlight areas for improvement, and identify current strengths in your finance function.

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