Leading the Office of the CFO™

Learn the key areas of responsibility in the office of the CFO through the Ten Pillars of Finance framework.

What is Leading the Office of the CFO™?

Leading the Office of the CFO™ (LOCFO) is 2-day program which provides executive level finance professionals with a foundation for building and broadening their knowledge of the office of the CFO.

Designed and taught by successful CFOs, LOCFO lays out a clear framework from which all CFOs operate. This framework is called the Ten Pillars of Finance. Understanding and navigating these foundations of the office is the catalyst for strong financial leadership.

Is Leading the Office of the CFO™ for me?

If you are a professional with anticipated or current needs to better understand the role and responsibilities of the CFO, then you can benefit greatly from attending the next LOCFO program.

Rising Talent

Whatever your role is in finance, knowing the many duties of the CFO will give you a more complete context on how your contributions impact the organization. If you aspire for higher level roles in finance, you will need to understand the functional areas of responsibility inherent in the office of the CFO. Modern CFOs have a wide skill-set that allows them to manage diverse responsibilities and drive value creation for the organization.


Whether you are new to the CFO role or you are a seasoned veteran, LOCFO can provide a modern perspective on how the office is run by others in your industry and the market at large. Many CFOs who plan to use the program to groom their next generation leaders will first take the program themselves before nominating individuals for future programs.


If you are a CEO that does not come from a background in finance and accounting, LOCFO can help elevate your understanding of the crucial role you heavily rely on. LOCFO will give you a new toolbelt to better speak the language of your CFO, untapping creativity and enhancing your strategic partnership with the CFO.

Business Leaders

If you are a professional that interacts cross-functionally with finance, LOCFO can give you insight on how your efforts affect the finance function and vice versa. Better understanding finance can unleash strategic synergies that were otherwise invisible to your organization.

Benefits of Leading the Office of the CFO™

Participants should expect to learn more about the role of the CFO than just the functional responsibilities of finance. The role of the CFO is ever-evolving, having more emphasis placed on strategic insights than historical record keeping.

Value Creation

Value creation is more than just a return on capital that exceeds cost; value is also created through intangible drivers like innovation, people, and brand. Finance plays a pivotal role in the value-creation strategies central to the objectives of all key stakeholders. LOCFO's core emphasis is on how the CFO best creates value in an organization through alignment with the CEO and broader leadership team. Breaking down the siloed stigma surrounding finance and fostering a cross-functional support arm that every part of the organization can rely on.

The Ten Pillars of Finance Framework

The LOCFO program was designed and is taught by proven industry CFOs. The program is based on a framework of the common areas of responsibility inherent in the office of the CFO. This framework is called The Ten Pillars of Finance. Each pillar represents a core function of the CFO's role, and the LOCFO program is designed to expand upon each of those pillars in experiential detail.

Team Development

Many companies have incorporated the LOCFO program into their broader leadership development initiatives in a variety of ways. It is not uncommon for a CFO to take the program first before preparing their direct reports for future programs. The LOCFO program is designed with leadership in mind, placing focus on how finance leaders can best collaborate across their teams and with the rest of the organization.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many people are in each Leading the Office of the CFO program?

We cap the participants in each program to groups of 12 professionals. We do this to facilitate an environment that allows for more active involvement from each participant.

What is the format of the Leading the Office of the CFO program?

The program is held over 2 days and broken into sessions throughout each day. Each session is centered around one or more of the Ten Pillars of Finance and taught by an expert of each pillar respectively.

Where is the Leading the Office of the CFO program?

The 2-day immersion program is held in Atlanta. Please reach out to us to inquire about the dates of upcoming programs.

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