Leading the Office of the CFO

Better understand the demands on the modern CFO.

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The Program

Leading The Office of The CFO™ (LOCFO) is a program which provides executive level finance professionals a foundation for building and broadening their knowledge of the Office of the CFO.

This program is for finance professionals with current or future needs to understand the current demands, responsibilities, and opportunities within the Office of the CFO.

Why should I take Leading the Office of the CFO?

  • Gain an understanding of the breadth of responsibility a CFO oversees
  • Understand how CFOs best create value
  • Increase focus on team development
  • Create relationships that will support and expand your relevance and value to the current market
  • Obtain the ability to participate as a strategic business partner

All participants are eligible for up to 27 hours of CPE.

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Program format.

  • Length: Two sessions over two days
  • Cohort Size: 8-12 professionals
  • Requirements: Manager level or above

LOCFO is held in major metropolitan markets throughout the United States. Each session held over the two day program is presented by notable industry CFOs, leading academic thinkers, and other finance experts.

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