Mike McCracken

Co-Founder & CEO McCracken


Mike is the Chairman and Co-Founder of McCracken, a professional services firm dedicated to supporting companies with their finance needs in talent, leadership development, and technology. Mike is an expert at assessing a company’s needs in their finance function. He has proudly served thousands of companies in identifying gaps in talent, capabilities, systems, and more.

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History of McCracken

Mike's Background Serving Companies

Mike spent the first part of his career as a partner with EY, working in a global position directly supporting companies in many parts of the world. In his partner role with EY, Mike reported directly to the Chairman and CEO, furthering the mission of the firm with other dedicated executive leaders. After leaving EY, Mike co-founded a company called Tatum. Tatum was the first national professional CFO firm with 37 practice offices throughout the country. The founding of Tatum changed the CFO services industry in a profound way, creating a vehicle for CFOs to collaborate and partner in their search for new opportunities.

Today, Mike leads McCracken, a professional services firm dedicated to supporting a company's finance function from every angle. McCracken has capabilities to support companies with talent needs at every level of the organization and through leadership development programs from a finance-specific perspective. McCracken is also partnered in an IT advisory practice, leading large-scale digital transformation initiatives as well as smaller projects throughout a company's systems environment.

In forming McCracken, Mike leveraged his close relationships with talented CFOs and other leaders in business to design leadership development programs that match the demanding and changing financial environment. In collaboration with proven CFOs from a variety of industry backgrounds and company sizes, McCracken developed the 10 Pillars of Finance framework that underpins all of the technical and behavioral leadership training that McCracken offers. McCracken's leadership development is taught by experientially proven professionals. While McCracken trains professionals on effective leadership in the classroom, it also executes on the role of the CFO and others in the field.

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If you are a leader facing any challenges in your finance function, we can help. McCracken is dedicated to supporting companies with their talent needs in finance. This includes both leadership development and executive services.