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Leading the Office of the CFO

Leading The Office of The CFO™ (LOCFO) is a program which provides executive level finance professionals a foundation for building and broadening their knowledge of the Office of the CFO. This program is for finance professionals with current or future needs to understand the current demands, responsibilities, and opportunities within the Office of the CFO.

The CFO Leadership Program

The CFO LP is a comprehensive approach to supporting a CFO in their development journey. This 9 month program will introduce coaching and accountability metrics along with a robust set development tools and programs to elevate the professional's capabilities as a finance leader.

The Finance Team Leadership Program

We will help you establish a foundation of growth for your entire finance team. We will tailor our existing framework to create a Finance Team Leadership Program that is relevant to your company culture, industry, and work environment.

The Financial Leadership Network

To support our vision for helping professionals become better leaders, McCracken created the Financial Leadership Network (FLN). The FLN is a peer network of executives in finance, including CFOs, VPs of finance, Controllers, Treasurers, and other manager level talent that supports the corporate finance function.

Leadership Development from CFO Experts

We have been serving inside finance functions for companies of all sizes and complexities for over 30 years. We’re here to answer all of your questions at any point before or after you engage us.

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Why McCracken?

In addition to training finance professionals, we are finance professionals. We are executing every day in the seat of the CFO and other critical finance roles.

Our programs and networks have been trusted by leading and growing organizations throughout the world for over 20 years. We don't hire outside consultants to come perform whatever game plan we give them. Instead, the McCracken team members are the ones who deliver the programs. A team of CFOs, behavioral psychologists, university faculty, and more.

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