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Program Details

The Finance Team Leadership Program (FTLP) is a development program tailored to your finance team. After an assessment and plan of action, each of your leaders will create their Individual Leadership Development Plans (ILDPs) that chart a path for their development opportunities. Each leader will also be assigned a coach to support their ILDP creation and development journey.

The program is based on our Ten Pillars of Finance framework, developed by CFOs from organizations of varying size, complexity, and industry. The Ten Pillars are applicable in any company setting, focusing on the common threads among finance organizations.

Is the FTLP right for my company?

The FTLP will fit your company whether you have 5 or 500 team members. Building and maintaining a strong finance team is one of the principal responsibilities of the CFO. When done correctly, the finance team becomes a more synchronous unit, employee retention is optimized, and individuals feel highly accomplished and appreciated.

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Program format.

The FTLP over a series of team sessions and individual meetings. We will visit your office for each of the team sessions and individual coaching sessions will take place virtually. The program is designed to be ongoing with the ability to onboard new team members as your company grows.

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