The Finance Team Leadership Program

Create a more engaged and collaborative team environment in your finance organization.

What Is the Finance Team Leadership Program?

The Finance Team Leadership Program (FTLP) is a company-tailored development program available to individuals or entire teams. After an assessment and plan of action, each of your leaders will create Individual Leadership Development Plans (ILDPs) that chart a path for their development opportunities. Each leader will also be assigned a coach to support their ILDP creation and development journey.

The program is based on our Ten Pillars of Finance framework, developed by CFOs from organizations of varying size, complexity, and industry. The Ten Pillars are applicable in any company setting, focusing on the common threads among finance organizations.

Do I need the Finance Team Leadership Program?

The FTLP will fit you and your company whether you're an individual, a team of 5, or a team of 500. Building and maintaining a strong finance team is one of the principal responsibilities of the CFO. When done correctly, the finance team becomes a more synchronous unit, employee retention is optimized, and individuals feel highly accomplished and appreciated.

Growing Organizations

As your business is establishing it's footprint in the market, the FTLP can benefit your growing team by giving them a foundation for financial leadership development that will serve them through upcoming challenges. Your leaders will have a development path laid in front of them that gives them clear direction within the organization. Your team members will feel a sense of continuous accomplishment as they progress through their ILDP.

Established Organizations

For established organizations looking to invest in their people, the FTLP will support your upskilling efforts and increase employee retention. Our program is designed specifically for finance professionals, enhancing your existing development efforts with a finance specialty. Your team members will better understand how their role contributes to the company's mission.

Individual Professionals

The FTLP is also designed for individuals, charting a development journey within the organization, and providing guidance on achieving higher level roles. Individuals will better understand how to work with their teams as a leader and contributor.

Global Organizations

Global finance has many cross-functional and cross-cultural dynamics that require a finance team prepared to operate in a complex technical and behavioral environment. The FTLP is designed to support each professional in their technical development as a finance leader as well as their behavioral development. The FTLP will prepare your finance team for collaborative efforts with others inside and outside of your organization.

Benefits of the Finance Team Leadership Program

The FTLP is designed for companies and their people to see both immediate and long-term recurring benefits from the program.

The Finance Team Leadership Program process begins with an understanding of the company’s business strategy and how the finance structure (processes, systems, people) can best support the organization’s objectives.

Individual and Team Effectiveness

Implementing a Finance Team Leadership Program includes individual and team involvement. Through a well-designed program, each team member is introduced to the framework that underpins the office of the CFO. Every team member gains an understanding of the role they play in supporting the finance function. Each individual’s leadership development is best accomplished in a team orientation to support relationships and team synergy.

Enhanced Risk Management

One focus of the FTLP is promoting effective communication throughout the team and company. Communicating clearly and concisely to stakeholders is imperative for successful risk management. Your team will break down any communication barriers, facilitating the flow of information and potential risks. Participants will also train their decision-making skills in a risk-aware context, promoting early risk detection and impact assessment.

Talent Retention

Employees are most likely to stay with companies that invest in their people. The FTLP provides professionals with an opportunity for growth that increases job satisfaction and employee loyalty. Programs like the FTLP show employees that the company culture is positive and growth-oriented. The program supports relationship building amongst team members, reinforcing company values and supporting a sense of camaraderie within your team.

Increased Innovation

Another primary focus of the FTLP is supporting collaboration among team members and cross-functionally within the organization. Through effective communication, collaboration is a tool for out-of-the-box thinking that leads to innovative ideas supporting the company. This type of creative environment is crucial for any organization looking to future-proof itself in preparation for the uncertainty ahead and the competitive advantages and increased efficiencies that innovation brings in the short term.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Finance Team Leadership Program?

The first part of the Finance Team Leadership Program lasts a year from the start date. The rest of the program is designed to be ongoing, maintaining a semi-annual coaching relationship with each participant.

How many people can participate in the Finance Team Leadership Program?

The Finance Team Leadership Program is designed for both individual professionals as well as large teams. When working with teams of 30 or more, we recommend breaking sessions down into smaller groups for group sessions, facilitating a more active discussion among participants.

What is the format of the Finance Team Leadership Program?

In the first year of the program:

  1. Planning Session: The Finance Team Leadership Program starts by meeting with you to understand your team structure and establishing a plan of action for the program.
  2. Program Introduction: We work with you to develop a communications plan to present program and introduce each leader to their assigned coach*.
  3. Technical ILDPs: Each professional completes their Technical-focused Individual Leadership Development Plan (Technical ILDP), charting a course the hone and expand their competencies.
  4. Multi-Dimensional Leadership Assessment & Debrief: Each participant finishes an online assessment designed to help individuals understand their leadership style and how to best collaborate with the team and broader organization. We then deep dive on the results in one-on-one sessions, answering questions on how to best use this information.
  5. Behavioral ILDPs: With the knowledge gained from the multi-dimensional leadership assessments, participants will have more insights when creating their Behavioral-focused Individual Leadership Development Plan, creating a path of development in their behavioral leadership traits.
  6. Becoming an Effective Leader: Each participant has a one-on-one session with their leadership coach on how to apply the learning thus far and become more effective as a leader.
  7. Effective Leadership Review: At year-end, participants will meet again with their assigned coach to review outlined goals and reaffirm the game plan on continuing to make progress.

In subsequent years of the program:

  1. Continuing as an effective leader: A mid-year one-on-one session with each assigned coach on re-aligning and staying effective as a leader.
  2. Effective Leadership Review: Another one-on-one session at year-end to review and plan.

*All of our assigned coaches are accomplished finance executives with leadership coaching expertise.

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