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At McCracken, we have a team of experienced Fractional CFOs available for the New York region. Bringing in a Fractional CFO grants your company the advantage of adaptable and accessible support, enabling you to customize their engagement level and duration to suit your specific requirements.

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Do I need a Fractional CFO in New York?

Businesses based in New York that do not wish to commit to hiring a full-time CFO should consider hiring a fractional CFO.

Financial Services

Fractional CFOs in the Financial Services sector bring extensive industry-specific insights. They excel in risk management, regulatory compliance, investment strategies, and financial reporting. By tapping into their expertise, financial services firms can navigate complexities, ensure compliance, and make informed decisions for sustainable growth.


Our Fractional CFOs in the Healthcare field offer specialized expertise. They understand healthcare finance intricacies, including reimbursement models, revenue cycle management, and healthcare compliance. With their knowledge, healthcare organizations can enhance financial stability, optimize billing processes, and navigate the unique challenges of the healthcare industry effectively.

Growing Businesses

Our Fractional CFOs dedicated to Growing Businesses provide tailored support. They excel in financial forecasting, budget management, and growth strategies. With their guidance, growing businesses can streamline finances, make informed expansion decisions, and achieve sustainable success as they navigate the challenges and opportunities of rapid growth.

Large Enterprise

Fractional CFOs are valuable project resources for large New York enterprises. They bring specialized expertise to support specific initiatives or complex financial projects. As project resources, they can aid in financial modeling, analysis, and due diligence for mergers and acquisitions. Additionally, they offer guidance on capital expenditure planning, cost optimization, and strategic financial decision-making.

Benefits of a Fractional CFO

Why should businesses in New York consider hiring a Fractional CFO?

A Fractional CFO can give you the experienced perspective needed to address challenges and discover new opportunities in finance and throughout your company.


With their accounting expertise, Fractional CFOs evaluate your current policies and procedures, offering valuable suggestions for improvement. Strong financial reporting is crucial for owners and stakeholders to track the company's financial health, providing a clearer understanding of its overall performance.

Finance Assessment

A Fractional CFO offers a comprehensive evaluation of your organization's finance function. Their expertise and fresh perspective allow for a thorough assessment of financial processes, systems, controls, and reporting. By gauging efficiency and effectiveness, they pinpoint areas for improvement.

Finance Technology

Fractional CFOs bring a wealth of experience in various technology solutions. They assist in evaluating and customizing platforms and systems to match your business's unique needs. By embracing financial technology, they enhance efficiency, accuracy, and strategic insights. 

Treasury Support

Fractional CFOs, drawing upon their treasury expertise, assess your existing treasury policies and practices, providing valuable suggestions for improvement. Effective treasury management is vital for businesses, offering a transparent view of the company's financial status, and improving overall financial performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I ask a CFO to do something when I don't know what needs to be done?

You don't know what you don't know, which makes it difficult to ask for help in areas where you are not sure what the improvements are or if they're even needed. We will commonly perform an assessment of your organization's finance function at the start of any engagement. It is the CFO's job to inform the CEO about both what is needed from a finance perspective as well as where finance can contribute additional value to the overall vision of the company.

How many hours does a Fractional CFO work?

Fractional CFOs work a flexible number of hours based on the changing needs of the business they serve. This could be a few hours a month up to 10 or 20 hours a week.

What if I don't know how often I need the Fractional CFO?

Fractional CFOs are used to working flexibly and on-demand. This means that you may need them close to full-time for a few weeks before converting to a low number of hours for ongoing guidance. Your business may not need the full-time support of a CFO, but having fractional guidance to support your controller and advise your CEO can be an invaluable asset in creating company strategy.

When does a startup need a fractional CFO?

A startup can benefit from the council of a seasoned industry CFO from day one, but realistically the startup won't have demands on their finance and accounting function that warrant the involvement of a CFO until they've raised seed capital. Preparing for future rounds of funding is just one of the many areas that a fractional CFO can add value to a startup.

What to look for in a fractional CFO?

A fortune 500 CFO may not make the best fit in a startup environment. Similarly, a fractional CFO with a background in telecommunications is unlikely to have the expertise needed in a healthcare organization. A CPA can be a great credential to find in a CFO, but not every company will need a CFO with a heavy background in accounting. Circumstances vary for each company depending on the stage and needs of the organization.

What should a fractional CFO do at a company?

A fractional CFO's involvement depends greatly on the stage and needs of the organization. In smaller companies, the fractional CFO may personally take on a broad set of responsibilities, including managing the books, negotiating contracts, and more. In a larger company, the fractional CFO may oversee and guide the controller who manages the accounting function as well as other leaders in the finance function.

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