Who We Are

We’re a group of CFOs, leadership development experts, and other finance executives who share a common goal of supporting leaders in business. 

Our Founders

Mike McCracken

Mike McCracken

Co-Founder and Chairman

Before forming McCracken, Mike co-founded the first national professional CFO firm, Tatum. Prior to that, Mike created an ISP before selling in the late 90’s. He was also a partner with Ernst & Young in New York, leading marketing and strategy for the southeast region.

Julie McCracken

Julie McCracken

Co-Founder and President

Before starting McCracken, Julie was a partner with RightPath, a talent and leadership development firm. Previously,  Julie was Vice President, Securities Lending with Wachovia.

Together, with Julie’s leadership development expertise and Mike’s background in CFO services, they formed McCracken. Now McCracken is a firm comprised of leadership development professionals and finance executives that serve the office of the CFO.

We have made it our mission to Empower Business Leaders.


How We Support Business Leaders

Leadership Development

The McCracken Institute for Advanced Learning in Finance is a provider of leadership networks, programs, and events designed to support talent development. The institute is supported by a framework for talent evolution developed by CFOs from organizations of all sizes. 


MAP is a partnership of CFOs, Controllers, and other finance talent here to help you maximize value for your organization. Our CFO partners are all proven leaders in the Office of the CFO, with years of experience supporting a wide array industries and company sizes. 

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