The Key Performance Indicators of the Office of the CFO Questionnaire

The demands on business continue to evolve due to a changing business environment impacted by the increased availability of knowledge and information, the rapid speed of change, and the ability to quickly introduce alternative products and services that compete with traditional services. This ever-changing market dynamic creates both opportunities and risks.

The Office of the CFO must obtain and maintain knowledge of these complexities and understand their impact on the business. This expanded knowledge and insightful wisdom within the Office of the CFO has aided the CFO to emerge as a strategic advisor and partner to the CEO. It has also encouraged the CFO to be an active participant at the board level and in all significant company decisions.

Agility is a hallmark of the role, and the best CFO leaders portray excellence in the design and execution of the role’s requirements. It takes a team operating in a culture that embraces change.

Following are the key characteristics of a successful finance function as exemplified in the 10 Pillars of Finance™ defined by the McCracken Institute for Advanced Learning in Finance. Based on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the most positive, important or strongest, please rate each characteristic from your perspective.