Finance Team Leadership Program

Every organization develops unique strategies to accomplish their mission. Executing those strategies requires the right structure and the right team. Maintaining the right team requires continuous leadership development.


We will help you establish a foundation of growth for your entire finance team. We will tailor our existing framework to create a Finance Team Leadership Program that is relevant to your company culture, industry, and work environment.

What does my organization gain from participation?

Participants gain an understanding of Emotional Intelligence and how to handle team synergy. Overall your team will see an increase in productivity, a reduction in conflict, and improved relationships among the team member as they employ the elements learned by being involved in the program. Each team member will have increased clarity on how important their contribution is to the overall effort as well as a logical path for future development.


Evaluate Financial Strategy

The first step is reinforcing an understanding of the finance strategy. Your strategy is the center of all finance operations. Having a deep understanding of the strategy lays the groundwork for the development of your team.


Align Structure with Strategy

To execute on the finance strategy it is important to have the correct structure in place. The structure of your entire finance function is key to the success of all finance operations. 


Create a Foundation for Growth

With a sound structure in place to support the strategy of the company, you can now effectively create a foundation for growth for your team. We help you design a curriculum to support the development of every individual on your finance team.

One Size Fits One 

A Curriculum That Works For YOU

Your finance team is comprised of unique and talented individuals. That makes your team as a whole unique from every other finance function. We help you design a growth framework within your finance structure that is specific to your circumstance. 


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