Talent Placement Services

Find your newest finance and accounting team member. Leverage our network and expertise to identify the best fit for your company.

What Are Talent Placement Services?

We identify top-talented finance professionals to fill any role in your finance function. Bringing on a new team member can be a transformational journey for an organization, especially when hiring leaders that will chart the course of the organization in the near future. At McCracken, we work with you to identify the value that will be delivered to the organization through your new hire. This allows your company to best define the critical competencies for each position and ensure you are making the right decisions when they matter most.

We actively serve the finance function in consulting capacity for companies across the U.S., so you can trust us when we say that we know finance. You can expect to have high quality candidates to review in short order when you work with us.

Do I Need Talent Placement Services?

If you are looking to hire your next finance team member, we are the solution that will give you access to high quality professionals faster than the traditional search process.

Role Turnover

Companies face employee turnover for a variety of reasons including retirement, transfers, and many more. If you are losing one of your finance team members and they need replacing, we can help you identify someone who is capable and excited to contribute to your organization.

Growing Organizations

Growing organizations will naturally look to expand their workforce at a pace that allows them sustain operations. We can help you prepare a hiring plan that brings on the right people at the right time. Over-hiring can be just as big of a problem as under-hiring. We will ensure that you feel comfortable that your finance organization is structured appropriately with talented people to support it.

Succession Planning

If you have the benefit of anticipating role turnover, making sure a leader is in place to step-up when the time comes is a prudent way to reduce cost and promote operational efficiency.

HR Overload

If your HR leader is tasked with identifying new talent for the entire organization, their workload may become too much to handle internally, especially if your company is undergoing rapid growth. Many times HR will also call on us for our expertise in finance specifically. We can support your existing HR processes to make sure that your team is fully capable of finding and hiring talented finance professionals.

Benefits of Our Talent Placement Services

There are many advantages to using our talent placement services. We are proud to offer our clients the best of all worlds between cost, quality, and expediency.

Simple Process

A search firm will charge a retainer upfront, a portion of the fee at the presentation of candidates, and then the remainder of the fee after you hire a candidate. With us, you pay a small fee after you review candidates we present that is fully reducible from the final placement fee due once (and if) you hire a candidate.

Vetted Professionals

We are finance professionals, giving us the insight to vet finance professionals effectively and efficiently. We work with you to identify the key characteristics and competencies needed in the role for which you are hiring. Once you select the top candidates, we will provide them with a behavioral assessment and debrief with you on the results, giving you an added layer of comfort that you are bringing on a team member that fits your organization.

Flexible Review

We work with you on your timeline and review preferences. In a situation where you need your next hire as quickly as possible, we can present suitable candidates we find on an immediate basis. If you are in no rush, you may prefer to review candidates in batches of 5 or more.

Fast Hiring

For most markets, you can expect to have candidates to review within a few weeks of engaging us. For competitive positions, this timeline may be shorter. In comparison, a traditional search process can take 6 months or more depending on the role.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the talent placement process work?

Once you engage McCracken, we will begin with a discovery call with you and all key stakeholders to understand the value you hope the new hire will bring to the organization. From there we development a Qualified Candidate Profile (QCP) which will include the core competencies and behavioral characteristics required for your role. The next stages are all on us as we identify and present candidates that match the QCP we defined together. We will then coordinate candidate interviews with your company before you select the top candidates. With the top candidates, we will issue a behavioral assessment and debrief with you on the results to ensure alignment with the QCP and your culture. Finally, the offer is extended and candidate onboarding begins.

How long until I can start reviewing candidates?

On average, you will have candidates to review within 2 to 3 weeks from the time you engage us. This timeline is subject to change based on a variety of factors surrounding the role. Some of these factors include the market in which you are looking, the specialty needed, the compensation offered, the remote or non-remote nature of the work, benefits, and more.

How much does talent placement cost?

Our placement fee is equal to 25% of the candidate's base salary plus bonus compensation.

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