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How does Talent Placement work?

Unlike traditional search firms, we do not charge large up-front fees and retainers. Instead, our search is fully contingent and you only pay if you decide to hire who we think is the best fit for your company. We will find you the ideal candidate for any role in your finance department, from CFO, to Controller, to Staff Accountant.

Do I need Talent Placement services?

Even if you have a fully staffed HR department, finding the right finance talent is a time consuming and challenging undertaking for any company. We know the requirements of every role in finance very intimately, giving us a specialized perspective when evaluating candidates.

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What are the benefits of Talent Placement?

When you engage McCracken to identify your next full-time hire, we immediately get to work outlining the requirements then sourcing candidates. A traditional executive search process can take 90+ days on an optimistic timeline. Most often, we are able to present qualified candidates for you to review within a week.

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