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From basic financial planning to a full-scale corporate development strategy, we can help.

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What is Strategic Advisory?

Companies undergo a variety of challenges when formulating strategy around raising capital, planning an exit, corporate development, restructuring, and other initiatives. All of these strategic initiatives require expertise from a CFO who has led these projects first-hand.

Having an experienced CFO at the negotiation table won't just make life easier for your company, it will also command a better valuation in favor of your company.

Do I need Strategic Advisory?

What are your plans for your company? Maybe you're ready to explore enhancing your M&A activities, but your current team is unsure how to fully capitalize on opportunities. Maybe it's time to raise more capital but you're unsure how to structure the raise. In any case, we have been there and we can support you to get the most out of your circumstance.

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Why hire McCracken for Strategic Advisory?

We are group of CFOs working with clients throughout the United States. For over 20 years we have supported thousands of companies with every component of their finance organization. We have led corporate development for Fortune 500 companies as well as raised capital for growth stage startups.

Regardless of your company circumstance, we guarantee you can benefit from a conversation with us to better understand the landscape of opportunity in front of you.

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