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McCracken Alliance was founded by Mike and Julie McCracken with a vision of helping finance professionals reach their potential through becoming a leader that everyone wants to follow. Mike’s background in CFO professional services and Julie’s leadership development expertise created the opportunity to accomplish their vision through finance-specific leadership programs, peer networks, and community recognition.

Mike McCracken

Mike McCracken

Co-founder and Chairman

Co-founder and Chairman of McCracken Alliance. Before forming McCracken Alliance, Mike co-founded the first national professional CFO firm, Tatum. Prior to that, Mike created an ISP before selling in the late 90’s. He was also a partner with Ernst & Young in New York, leading marketing and strategy for the southeast region.

Julie McCracken

Julie McCracken

Co-founder and President

Co-founder and President of McCracken Alliance. Before starting McCracken Alliance, Julie was a partner with RightPath, a talent and leadership development firm. Previously,  Julie was Vice President, Securities Lending with Wachovia.

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Recognize your star performers

The Financial Leader of the Year (FLY) awards are a great way for a company to honor their employees or entire team. See pictures of some previous events here.

Get connected to your local finance community

Members of our networks are part of a group of notable CFOs and their direct reports. If you are a manager level or above professional seeking regular insightful events to attend with great networking, then our Financial Leadership Networks are right for you. All network attendees are eligible receive CPE at all FLN events.

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