Transaction Support

Supporting your organization through M&A activities, IPO execution, post-acquisition integrations, and more. 


Consolidate your company’s operational focus and unlock capital to grow your core businesses. Many companies pursue divestitures to invest in current technologies and stay relevant in the marketplace.


We regularly support companies’ diligence process from both the buy and sell side. It is important to balance time and depth of analysis when conducting due diligence, and we have been there many times to guide you through these decisions.  

IPO Execution

We will help you prepare and lead through the book building process as well as organize the many extended resources needed until you ultimately ring the bell. 

IPO Readiness

Your IPO journey may start up to 2 years prior to the day you go public. It’s a long road, but we have been down it many times. We will help you lead the planning process, getting you comfortable with all strategic considerations as you press forward. 

Mergers and Acquisitions

Whatever your company’s growth strategy is, we can help you identify and execute on the best opportunities in the market. As experienced finance leaders, we have the ability to negotiate on your behalf the best outcome for your growing organization.

Post-Acquisition Integration

More important than the identification and acquisition of your target is its integration into your current business. The number one cause of failed acquisitions arises in the integration phase. Let us show you the common areas of mistakes and how to avoid them.

Private Equity and Venture Capital

We regularly work with private capital to support portfolios through turnarounds, systems enhancements, executive leadership, and more. If your organization needs experienced, reliable finance executive and teams for your investments, we would love to partner with you.

Transaction Readiness Assessment

Just because your profitable does not mean you are transaction ready. Many private companies make the mistake of moving to sell before they have ensured operations won’t be affected in the process. Reach out and we will provide you with a few things to consider before you hire us. 

Tax Strategy

Maybe you already have the leadership in place to execute your next transaction but you need additional SMEs to support your tax strategy. It is important to not overlook the working capital implications of your tax strategy, we are here to help you ensure things move according to plan. 

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