The McCracken Institute

For Advanced Learning in Finance

About the Institute

The McCracken Institute for Advanced Learning in Finance is a provider of leadership networks, programs, and events designed to support talent development. The institute is supported by a framework for talent evolution developed by CFOs from organizations of all sizes.  

The Institute framework was created by CFOs who have navigated the path from trainee to the top finance leader of a variety of companies. The Institute understands the requirements of a CFO inside small private organizations all the way to large Fortune 500 companies. 

Designed by CFOs for current and future finance leaders.

How We Help


We provide leadership programs that individuals and companies can rely on to generate real results for their business.


Our leadership networks foster a true peer to peer environment for manager level members of finance teams. 


Throughout the year we host various round tables, CPE programs, as well as the Financial Leader of the Year awards to honor success in the community.

The Ten Pillars

of Finance

The Institute framework is based on a foundation we call the “Ten Pillars of Finance”. The finance function oversees all of these pillars in different organizations. While not every pillar may be covered by a given company’s finance function, they all serve a reference point for the expectations of a modern CFO. 

Feel free to reach out with any questions. We would be happy to speak with you about how we help finance teams and leaders.