Key Performance Indicators of the Office of the CFO

We use this questionnaire with our clients to help evaluate the degree to which they are covering the areas of responsibility of the office of the CFO.

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About this resource

Following are the key characteristics of a successful finance function as exemplified in the 10 Pillars of Finance™ defined by the McCracken Institute for Advanced Learning in Finance.

This questionnaire is not meant to be comprehensive or relevant to every organization. Instead, this document provides a strong starting point for further evaluation.

These questions help reveal how effectively your finance function covers what we call the “10 Pillars of Finance“:

  1. Executive Leadership
  2. Enterprise Governanace
  3. Cross Functional Engagement
  4. Enterprise Management & Optimization
  5. Business Model & Industry
  6. Information Technology
  7. Strategic Transactions
  8. Treasury & Risk
  9. Financial Planning & Analysis
  10. Controllership


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