Talk to a CFO pro bono

In response to Covid-19, MAP CFO partners are currently offering to speak with business leaders on a pro bono basis to help provide guidance on crisis management.

Empowering Finance Leaders

Through programs, leadership networks, and recognition of outstanding performance, McCracken Alliance is dedicated to supporting the success of finance professionals everywhere

Finance Leaders

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Leadership programs designed with finance in mind. McCracken Alliance has programs that fit the needs of every finance team and individual. Our programs are designed to take leaders to the next level by elevating their understanding of the finance function. We leverage relationships in the broader market to train leaders how to execute at the highest levels. However, our programs are not limited to the individual. We have specially designed plans to help shape a finance team starting with strategy and structure while putting in place a curriculum for individual advancement and accountability. 

Programs designed for every finance leader & team.

Leadership Networks

Connecting leading universities and the business community.

We facilitate leadership networks for universities to support a true peer-to-peer environment for finance managers. Manager-level and above finance professionals participate in our networks for relevant industry discussions, regular professional education, and a place to create impactful relationships with others in the local market. 

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