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McCracken CFOs have worked in a wide variety of industries and company circumstances. Whatever your challenge is, we can help.


Leverage the expertise of a talented CFO without committing a substantial part of your budget.

How does an Interim CFO work?

An interim CFO is a seasoned finance professional who acts as a company's CFO for a temporary period. This allows the company to continue operations as normal while undergoing transition.

Interim CFOs are an immediate solution, allowing you to quickly fill any talent gaps in your finance organization. Interim CFOs bring with them years of expertise in a given industry, allowing them to quickly assimilate and support your company.

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Who can benefit from an Interim CFO?

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Why Do I Need an Interim CFO?

If your business needs someone to fill a gap in your finance organization quickly, an interim CFO may be a great solution.

Maybe you need a CFO but can't wait for the full-time hire to arrive. Or maybe your business doesn't need a permanent, long-term CFO or Controller. Whatever the case, we can help you identify the best solution for your unique circumstance.

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ABout us
Mike McCracken
Co-Founder & CEO McCracken

Prior to forming McCracken, Mike spent 20+ years with EY, ultimately working in a global position reporting to the chairman. He then went on to co-found Tatum, the first national professional CFO firm.

Mike is an expert at assessing a company’s needs in their finance function. He has proudly served thousands of companies in identifying gaps in talent, capabilities, systems, and more.

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