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Whether you're a new CFO, aspiring to be a CFO, new to the industry, or just need some additional guidance, we've been there.

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For over 30 years we have supported companies with their finance talent needs. Whatever your challenge is, we can help.


Access the knowledge of an experienced CFO without committing a substantial part of your budget.

What is a McCracken CFO Coach?

Our CFO coaches are experienced CFOs that act as a trusted advisor to a company's current or aspiring CFO. Many times the coached professional is new to the role, industry, company size, etc.

A McCracken CFO Coach can be as hands on as the company needs. It is not uncommon for the coach to participate in strategy development, drawing on insights from past experience as well as our firm of CFOs.

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Who can benefit from a CFO Coach?

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Why Hire a McCracken CFO Coach?

We are a group of CFOs working with clients throughout the United States. We will match you with a coach that is best suited to your company size, industry, culture, and more.

We wrote the book "Leading the Office of the CFO" and train next generation CFOs in our programs. Our expertise on being a successful CFO is built on 30+ years of supporting thousands of companies with every component of their finance organization.

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ABout us
Mike McCracken
Co-Founder & CEO McCracken

Prior to forming McCracken, Mike spent 20+ years with EY, ultimately working in a global position reporting to the chairman. He then went on to co-found Tatum, the first national professional CFO firm.

Mike is an expert at assessing a company’s needs in their finance function. He has proudly served thousands of companies in identifying gaps in talent, capabilities, systems, and more.

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