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What is a System Migration?

As technology advances, companies are operating on increasingly outdated platforms. In the era of cloud computing, companies leave themselves exposed to numerous risks by continuing to operate on these old systems. In addition, many organizations are not leveraging the power of new technology, costing them greatly.

A system migration is moving from an old platform to a more powerful, more secure, modern solution. These systems may include a full ERP, an accounting system, an inventory management system, and more.

Is it time for a System Migration?

There are many signs that indicate you are outgrowing your current systems or that your current systems have become outdated. Through a conversation with us, we can help you identify if it's time to look for a new solution and what you should be considering.

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Why engage McCracken for a System Migration?

When migrating from an old system, it's important to have financial talent with migration experience that understands your financial data. In conjunction with our sister advisory firm, Cogiliti, we can manage the entire process for you. Or, if you just need a financial expert to assist your existing team, we can provide the necessary support.

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