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What is an Interim Executive?

An interim executive is a seasoned professional who fills a role within a company for a temporary period. This allows the company to continue operations as normal while looking for a full-time hire. This could be an Interim CFO, Interim Controller, or other leader.

Interim professionals are a great immediate solution, allowing you to quickly get a person in place. Interim executives will typically also bring with them years of expertise in a given industry, allowing them to quickly assimilate and support the company.

Do I need an Interim Executive?

If your business needs someone to fill a gap in your finance organization quickly, an interim executive may be a great solution.

Maybe you need a CFO but can't wait for the full-time hire to arrive. Or maybe your business doesn't need a permanent, long-term CFO or Controller. Whatever the case, we can help you identify the best solution for your unique circumstance.

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Benefits of an Interim Executive

  • Cost-effective long-term
  • Highly experienced
  • Available immediately
  • Low risk
  • Flexible
  • Fresh perspective
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