Decision Risk Management

Today, Corporate leaders demand more and more that financial executives participate in performance decisions affecting the firm’s growth and profitability. Likewise, financial leaders face more decisions that increase their exposure to personal liability. More understanding of risk, knowing why investment decisions were made, and providing an audit on these decisions to invest in market expansion, new products or services, major technology investments, and much more have become a concern of every financial leader. Unfortunately, few tools exist that provide the verification processes that offer financial leaders the confidence they need to defend their actions. There is a solution to this dilemma: a controlling decision quality framework called Decision & Risk Management (DRM).

Decision and Risk become…


  • Resolves ambiguous and/or conflicting values
  • Clearly communicates the purpose and aims of executive decisions
  • Supports the fiduciary duty of care with an auditable trail


  • Based on collaborative expertise and rationale
  • Aligns organizational agendas
  • Clearly identifies the implications of uncertainty, tradeoffs, complexity, and risk


  • Does not rely on one individual’s special insight
  • Promotes systemic thinking and comprehension
  • Builds an environment for effective and ethical collaboration

Who is Decision Risk Management for?

This program is for current or future finance executives at the Vice President, Director/Manager level who have been identified as high potential for broader roles in finance.

What does the program entail?

DRM is 2-day program with lunch included in each session. The program is held at sponsored locations with professionals from a variety of companies. DRM can also be tailored to a specific finance team and hosted at the company’s location. 14 hours of CPE are available to all participants.


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