About McCracken Alliance


The goal underlying the establishment of Executive Leadership Networks (ELN) is to provide the much needed platform for leading business leaders and academia to exchange ideas and leverage knowledge while at the same time offering support to respective missions of both universities and businesses. By teaming together in a collaborative fashion, business and universities provide the most productive and robust education experience for teaching students and preparing them for entry into the business world.

The mission to accomplish this vision is supported by building a two-way bridge between academia and industry that fosters strong relationships with leading businesses and other organizations. The networks provide an ongoing forum for ideas, suggested direction, and support of a university in areas which relate to business. Techniques may vary but the networks support all areas where a university finds it desirable and beneficial to tap into the creative thinking and support of key industry leaders, and vice versa.

In the execution of the vision, MA has not only created university-based networks, but also a series of integrated programs and initiatives that support the leadership progression of executives in business.