Fly Awards

About the FLY Awards ™

The FLY Awards™ were created by McCracken Alliance LLC and sponsored by GSU and the Greater Atlanta Finance Community to recognize both finance teams and finance individuals for meritorious efforts demonstrated in financial leadership. The awards are given annually to recognize notable leadership in the following categories, as well as to those individuals who complete the Leadership Finance® and Leading the Office of the CFO™ programs.

FLY Awards™ for Controllership FLY Awards™ for Finance
FLY Awards™ for Treasury FLY Awards™ for Business Operations & IT Risk Management
FLY Awards™ for Corporate Planning & Strategy FLY Awards™ for Transactions, Mergers & Acquisitions
FLY Awards™ for Finance Team of the Year

Selection Criteria

Individual FLY Awards™:

Individual FLY Awards™ are given to finance leaders in industry who have demonstrated a thorough understanding of and superior performance in their assigned finance leadership area. This will be evidenced through a nomination and evaluation process to identify nominees who have masterfully executed the routine and unique requirements of their assigned functional areas. This performance will be evidenced by insightfulness and creativity in the design, approach, team utilization, oversight and leadership worthy of special recognition. Although the individual is measured primarily on the success of on-the-job performance, external factors which created unique circumstances may also be considered (e.g. demonstrated commitment to community, special acknowledgements and recognitions, performance beyond the individual’s department or finance role, etc.).

Finance Team of the Year Award:

The FLY Award™ for team effectiveness is given to one finance team which has achieved superior performance in supporting the financial success of their company. Although outstanding company financial success can have a significant influence in the evaluation process, other criteria which will be evenly weighted will include any major accomplishments executed by the finance team or with support of the finance function. (examples: major transaction; operating transitions such as going from decentralized to centralized functions, multi-year successes, reorganization successes, community successes, etc.)

Nominations will be accepted based on the successful performance of a finance leader or finance team. To nominate an awards candidate, please contact Julie McCracken at or click here to complete the online nomination form.

Selection Process

The selection committee will review all award nominations and determine the finalist and winners in each award category. Selection Committee members will include representatives from Georgia State University Financial Leadership Network.